“Mystery Shopper” service (Mystery Shopping) is one of the main method in marketing research, applied for assessment of the quality of customer service (Customer Service Research).

According to the study of the quality of customer service, customer loss happens because of next reasons:

  • 3% of the customer’s leave the company following their own will
  • 5% follow the advice of a friend/colleague
  • 9% find a more attractive price offers
  • 15% dissatisfied with the quality of the product
  • 68% leave, being dissatisfied with the quality of work of personnel

It is not enough to attract new customers, you need to turn existing customers into dedicated friends.

Mystery Shopping – is:

Assessment of the existing standards of customer service

Control of the core indicators of the quality of customer service

Employee monitoring

Standards of service are pillars for creating unique brand image and customer experience, which must be transmitted by personnel through effective communication with the customers.

Service Standards by «Mystery Shopping Group»


 First impression: establishing contact with the client

 Identification of customer needs: purpose of the visit

 Presentation of the product and company, relying on initial needs of the customer

 Closing purchase: summarizing the client’s wishes according to the purpose.

 Work with objections: possible protest by the client and competent technique of argumentation deployed by employees.

 The end contact: ensuring that customer received pleasant experience and has an intention to come back in the nearest future.

Our team offers the universal solution for the service “Mystery Shopping”. If your company has already established standards of customer service — excellent! We will help you to check level and quality of their performance in the locations using «Mystery Shopper».

Your company’s main channel of communication is call center- great! “Mystery Caller” service will find out how competent is your support team in answering customer’s questions and processing requests.

For checks of standards of work in direct contact with your staff from hiring to observing inner working processes, our experts recommend the “Mystery Candidate” service.

If you are aiming to increase number of satisfied customers, but have no ground on service standards, we will create unique plan of customer service standards, taking into account your brand image and field of specialty.

Project Preparation

Project Preparation

The term of the project preparation lasts about 1 week and depends on the complexity of the scenario and geography of the monitored objects.

Frequency of inspections

In most cases our clients carry out inspections of service quality 2-4 times per month.