Professional team of «Mystery Shopping Group» will help you in establishing deep connection and understanding between your clients and your business.

“Mystery Shopping Group” provides a set of marketing tools for tracking, assessing and improving performance of the personnel. You will stop loosing clients due to humble service. As statistics shows more than 60% of clients’ loss happens because of low service quality, improving customer experience is a key to success in the market.

78% of customers make a decision NOT to buy a product because of poor quality of service assistance. (Source: AmericanExpressSurvey, 2011)

Our main goal is to help you answer the crucial question for your business success: “Will your customers advise your product to their friends?”

Why choose “Mystery Shopping Group”?

Complex approach

Instead of uncoordinated instruments we propose complex approach to build efficient system of managing quality of the customer service. For this reason, we are going to collect and process marketing information about three core components of your business: your clients, your stuff and your competitors. Gaining insights from your customers shows strength and weaknesses of your service performance.

Precise definition of the target group

We choose mystery shoppers according to the profile of your target group, which ensures relevance and validity of the information received.



Working with cloud-based software allows us to provide results in 48 hours after marketing measures has been completed. Just going online allows you to obtain necessary information in any place any time.

Geographical coverage

Our extensive database of mystery shoppers and interviewers covers the entire territory of Ukraine. We can conduct poll or secret visit in any locality of the country (territory of Ukraine as recognized by international law; excluding Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are currently under occupation).