“Mystery Candidate” is a marketing research, which allows comprehensive assessment of the quality of customer service through inner observation.

“Mystery Candidate” joins personnel of the company and reveals work features of other employees, according to the established standards. “Mystery Candidate” might be a candidate for the position, internship or work on the general basis. Thus, it allows you to gain insider information on your employee’s performance and communication patterns. The script and the format of the test depend on the research objectives.

Identifying problem areas within the company

Improving perfomance of HR

Compiliance with company standarts

Aim of the Research

We provide you with analytic tool for tracking and evaluating performance of your employee’s on the workplace. “Mystery Candidate” points the problem areas in the working process. Key aspects to access are productivity and standard compliance. For instance, techniques used by HR department during candidate selection, atmosphere in the workplace, evaluation of the communication within and between departments.

Our undercover applicant can provide information about the course of his employment or the process of internship in the team. You will be able to track every working issue occurring within the company, if you use this service.

Price of the “Mystery Candidate”

Cost of one visit depends on the complexity and duration, in some cases, on the location of the inspected entity.


Price goes down when following conditions met:

  • Number of locations exceeds 20
  • Contract is pursued on the term exceeding 6 month
  • Customer has already established Service Standards and check-list

Price increases conditioned to:

  • Number of stages of the job interview process and number of working days
  • Special requirements of the “Mystery Candidate” (education, experience, certain appearance etc.)
  • Number of evaluation criteria in the questionnaire exceeds 60
  • Audio recording on the location, photographs of the subject’s property.
  • Additional services (preparation of necessary documentation for the “Mystery Candidate”).