“Secret Caller” is a marketing research, which allows comprehensive assessment of the quality of customer service in the call center of the company.

It can be consultation in the online store, regarding particular type of the product or service, its features, bonus programs, etc.

Monitor quality of emploeyee’s work

Improve service quality

Increase customer loyality

Aim of the Research

We provide you with analytic tool for tracking and evaluating performance of your employee’s working in the phone mode. Key point to access is competence of the service carried by consultant due to established brand standards. You will be sure that your stuff is well-trained and able to perform efficiently, processing client’s requests on time. It is crucial information to possess as quality service is insurance for the future prosperity of the business, which is built on strong relationship between customer and company.

Price of the “Secret Caller”


Price goes down when following conditions met:

  • Number of calls during the month exceeds 50
  • Contract is pursued on the term exceeding 6 month
  • Customer has already established Service Standards and check-list

Price increases conditioned to:

  • Duration of one visit exceeds 30 minutes
  • Special requirements of the “Mystery Caller” (high social status, ownership of the car, etc.)
  • Compulsory purchase of the product
  • Number of evaluation criteria in the questionnaire exceeds 60