Auditors of “Mystery Shopping Group” are capable of carrying out audit of retail trade in every region of Ukraine.

Methodology framework encompasses Survey of prices and distribution (Price and Distribution Check) – measurements of the parameters of the distribution, pricing and display of goods in the store, as well as the Census (Census) is a census of all retail stores in the location.


Study of price and distribution


Information about computation and availability of POS-materials


Current database of product stores across all locations

Information collected during Census:

 type of the store;
 name (owner’s name);
 square footage of the store;
 number of cash registers;
 type of service;
 location of the store (street, shopping center, etc.);
 classification of commodity groups

Parameters measured in the Study of prices and distribution:

 Representation of goods in retail outlets of various types (numerical and weighted distribution)

 Number of SKUs (SKU)

 Level of prices across various shopping channels

 Quantity of the product located in the front row on the shelves (Facing)

 Number and placement of POS-materials