“Mystery Shopper” is a marketing research aimed at determining quality level of customer service.

Secret shoppers provide an independent and objective evaluation of the existing customer service. A mystery shopper can be any customer from the target group, who is aware of company’s service standards. Main task is to verify compliance with these standards.

“Mystery shopper” is an analytic tool, which enables to evaluate your goods and services from the customer perspective.

Information about the current level of service and customer satisfaction will help you make right marketing decisions. You are going to turn random customers into regular and loyal clients that would be eager to recommend your product to their friends and acquaintances.

Improve your sales perfomance

Increase customer loyality

Supervise your emploees effectively

If you want to find out:

 Are your customers satisfied with the current level of service?

 What they think about your brand?

 How your employees treating the customers?

 Whether demanding products are available in your store?

 Your competitors provide better service than you do?

 How to increase sales and bring more loyal customers?

Then you need “Mystery Shopper” from  «Mystery Shopping Group»! You can get answers to all your questions today. Our methods of service quality evaluation will help you understand the needs of your customers and increase brand loyalty.


How we select and certify mystery shoppers?

Stage 1

Relevant socio-demographic selection of candidates based on the characteristics of the company’s target group

Stage 2

The candidate examines the standards of your company and designed user manual for the inspection

Stage 3

Candidate is required to pass an exam in order to run the inspection

How is secret inspection conducted?

“Mystery Shopper”, behaving as a regular customer, carries out the visit to the location of your company. He asks one of the stuff for advice in the selection of the product. Mystery Shopper’s aim is to evaluate how persuasive and competent is investigated employee. Key points to assess are manner of speech, presentation of the product, orientation in the stock and price range. After approximately 10-20 minutes of the conversation, Mystery Shopper leaves the location, with possible purchase of the good or without it. Relying on the experience during the visit, Mystery Shopper fills out detailed questionnaire, in which he indicates whether employee’s behavior has met company’s standards.

By the end of the research, you are going to receive comprehensive report regarding quality of the service provided by your stuff, reflecting following aspects of employee’s behavior during the visit:

1. Greeting and establishing contact
2. Ability to ask “right” questions, persuade and argue in favor of the product/service
3. Willingness to help and consult customer with undefined request
4. Confidence during the presentation of the product, ability to engage customer and show the product from its favorable side
5. Reaction of the consultant on doubts expressed by customer, capacity to argument politely, without expressing rude attitude
6. Reaction of the consultant regarding customer decision not to buy product, which techniques were applied by employee to convince the Mystery Shopper in the need of purchase and motivation to return in the future.

Presenting the results

In the final report you are going to receive comprehensive assessment of the service quality in your company. Performance of your stuff is subject to evaluation according to the established standards of the company and brand image. Our specialists going to provide set of recommendations on the improvement of the service carried. Our report is subject to change according to your requests.


Cost of one visit depends on the complexity and duration, in some cases, on the location of the inspected entity.

Price goes down when following conditions met:

  • Number of visits during the month exceeds 200
  • Contract is pursued on the term exceeding 6 month
  • Customer has already established Service Standards and check-list

Price increases conditioned to:

  • Duration of one visit exceeds 30 minutes
  • Special requirements of the “Mystery Shopper” (high social status, ownership of the car, etc.)
  • Compulsory purchase of the product during the visit
  • Number of evaluation criteria in the questionnaire exceeds 60
  • Additional services (for instance, preparation of the documents, necessary to carry out the visit)